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Top Save the Date Wedding WordPress Themes in 2020

You’re engaged!! YAY! You and your partner finally picked a wedding date and now want your friends and family to mark it in their calendar. Make sure all your friends and family are free, tell them to make alternate plans if they are busy. Coming to your wedding is the priority now. The easiest, most economically and environmentally friendly way to broadcast your good news is to create a wedding – save the date website. Because you know those postcards you send out to people now about your wedding in a year will definitely get lost. Now you’re saying you don’t have any programming knowledge but none is required. I tell you now that you only need 2 things – 1. a web hosting provider and 2. a WordPress Theme. I recommend Blue Host because they have top support that will help you get your WordPress installed. WordPress Themes because with one theme it will transform a plain looking site into one people think you paid thousands of dollars to a developer to create. Below are WordPress Themes that will help you create a Save the Date wedding website. Click here to see why I recommend Blue Host.

1. Wedding Industry (Themeforest)

Top Wedding WordPress Theme for Save the Date 2020- Wedding Industry

Wedding Industry is a multi-purpose wedding WordPress theme that can evolve as you move forward towards your wedding date. This is a great start to use as your “Save the Date” website to send to people. You require no programming knowledge and the theme is easily customized. Create your save the date website one page with information on your wedding date with their live customizer. You can see changes on the front page in real time. Once you have more wedding details, you can evolve your site to add more wedding details including wedding locations, wedding party, wedding gift registry, wedding invitations, wedding RSVP’s, add multiple wedding photo galleries and so much more. Click here to see more details about Wedding Industry WordPress theme to create your save the date website.

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2. Always (Themeforest)

Save the Date Wedding WordPress Theme - Always

Always is the perfect WordPress theme to use for your wedding website. You require no programming knowledge, themes are very easily customized. You can include demo content in your installation so you have an example to use when you add your own content. Sometimes it’s hard to start from scratch and easier to just replace content and that’s the idea. You just need to know how to drag and drop. You don’t have to worry that you don’t know any code, all elements of the site can be edited visually and in real time. Create your ‘Save the date’ website and add your wedding details as you book your venues. Have a RSVP page, wedding invitations, multiple gallery layouts to choose from, wedding countdown, about the couple, and so much more. Click here to find out more details about Always – save the date wedding WordPress Theme.

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3. Confetti (Themeforest)

Top Wedding WordPress Theme for Save the Date 2020- Confetti

Confetti is an elegant, clean, parallax enabled wedding WordPress theme that will help you create your Save the Date wedding site. It also comes fully packed with other wedding sections you would want to add to your site once you firm up all the details of your wedding party, wedding venue, RSVP’s, invitations, wedding countdown and more. Using WordPress and WordPress themes you require no programming knowledge and is the easiest way to create your own website without spending thousands of dollars. All functionality with a front-end and manage your content in the back-end comes included with every theme. Click here to see more details of Confetti – save the date Wedding WordPress theme.

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4. Idylle (Themeforest)

Top Wedding WordPress Theme for Save the Date 2020- Idylle

Idylle is a wedding WordPress theme perfect to create your ‘Save the Date’ website. Creating a website for your save the date is more financially and environmentally smart. This way you save money in printing and mailing out cards and your guests will always have a place to look online to remember your wedding date. Also if creating a website is far above your skills, using WordPress and WordPress themes will not be. Using WordPress themes require no programming knowledge and everything is just drag and drop. The hardest part is probably trying to figure out your color scheme. Idylle wedding WordPress themes comes with 6 different color demos with petal animation – very cool! You should check it out. Your site can also evolve as you firm up more venues, wedding parties, create RSVP forms, image galleries, guestbook and so much more. You can even create your own online shop with the WooCommerce plugin. The theme also comes with a 30day money back guarantee! Click here to see more details about the Idylle Save the Date Wedding WordPress Theme.

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5. Kallyas (Themeforest)

Top Wedding Save the Date WordPress Theme - Kallyas

Kallyas is a multipurpose WordPress theme perfect for any website purpose but I found the ‘Coming Soon 3’ perfect to create a simple Save the Date Wedding Website. If you have no programming knowledge this is perfect for you. If you want to create just a reminder and a countdown page for your wedding website, this is perfect for you. If you don’t want to display all your wedding details, venue, wedding party, RSVP, or anything else and just a simple countdown, this is for you. In the future if you want to add those things in, the process is very simple too! Kallyas is a visual editor and you can easily add and remove pages, customize your layout and colours directly on the page and see your changes in real time. Kallyas ‘Coming Soon 3’ has a full screen image which you can change to your and your fiancee’s and also an email signup to notify your wedding guests when the date has arrived! This is a great way to create your ‘Save the Date’ Wedding website. Click here to see more details about Kallyas WordPress Theme.

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