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Cost to Create a Wedding Planner Website with WordPress Theme Fleur

Starting your own wedding planning business or already established? You definitely need a wedding planning website in both cases if you don’t have one already. It’s the best way for potential clients to find you as brides/couples do most of their wedding planning and research online now. If you don’t have a wedding planner website, it will be hard for new clients to find you. You can easily showcase your previous weddings, couples testimonials, ways for couples to contact you, etc. If you don’t know the first thing about creating a website, that’s fine too because you don’t need any programming knowledge. Using WordPress and WordPress themes is the easiest way to create a professional and elegant looking wedding planner website. You will be able to create it in minutes and then just customize to your business needs, content, colors, fonts etc. I recommend using WordPress Theme Fleur to help you create your wedding planner website, screenshot below. I’ll detail all the costs you require to create a wedding planner website below.

1.Webhosting Provider

I recommend using Bluehost as Bluehost will cover the first 3 steps here. Click here to read the post I wrote about why Blue Host is a great choice.

2. Domain Name

Bluehost offers one year free domain name. You will need a domain name for your potential clients to find you. You can pick your name .com, or some unique domain name.

3. WordPress

You need WordPress installed and Bluehost offers one click installs of WordPress. Bluehost also will keep your WordPress installation to the most stable version.

4. WordPress Theme

Using WordPress Theme – Lily will transform your normal blog into an amazing and professional Wedding Planner website. You will have all the pages and features you need to be able to reach out to clients. Pages such as about us, team, services, prices, testimonials, past work and more. Check out the demo and you’ll see that you’ll fall in love with the theme as well. Your clients will know you are a professional wedding planner with this theme.

Cost Breakdown to Create Wedding Planner Website

Costs are subject to change by the respective vendors and all are estimations. All costs are in USD.

  • Webhosting – Bluehost = $3/month = ~$36/year
  • Domain Name = $0 for the first year
  • WordPress Installation = FREE
  • WordPress Theme – Fleur = $69 one time fee. Afterwards the theme totally belongs to you

So total estimated cost to create your wedding planner website is: $105

This is must more affordable than hiring a developer to create and maintaining a website for you. You can do it yourself and save thousands of dollars and people won’t know the difference. Using WordPress themes requires no programming skills, just install and customize. It’s so easy. if you have problems, there is full support with BlueHost and with the theme. Click here to demo Fleur WordPress Theme.

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