Wedding Hair and Makeup

You have the talent and skills to do Wedding makeup and that’s an amazing skill. All you have to do now is showcase to the world and brides what you can do. How to do that? Well you can go to bridal and wedding shows and advertise via word of mouth, but the easiest and best way is to do it online. Yes, create an wedding beauty services website for your hair and makeup services. Even if you specialist in just one field, having an online presence is a necessity. If you know nothing about creating a website, that’s ok too. You just focus on your business because using WordPress and WordPress themes does not require you to learn a new skill. All you have to do is basically plug and play. Everything is in readable english, you can customize your site as you want and just use a special administrator login so you can access your website’s header, footers, content, colors, fonts etc. Create your wedding hair and makeup website now and below are WordPress themes that can help you. But first, you need a webhosting. If you also don’t know what that is, that’s fine because Bluehost provides full support. Also has one click installs of WordPress so everything is already setup for you. There is no excuse to not create your website today. Click here to read the post I wrote about why I recommend BlueHost to be your webhosting provider.

1.The Styler

Wedding hair and makeup WordPress Theme - The Styler

The Styler is a great WordPress theme to help you create your online beauty / wedding hair and makeup website. If you have no programming experience, this is for you! The Styler has tons of functionality and if you love the demo, you can use the one click demo import to copy the demo directly onto your website. This wedding hair and makeup WordPress theme features a fullscreen image homepage that you can easily transform into an image slider or upload videos. Customize your homepage directly on the page with the visual editor. Services, price lists, galleries, testimonials and team management. They are all integrated in The Styler to give you absolute control over your content. Design every single aspect of your new website exactly as you want. The Styler comes with a multitude of color and typography settings to make things easy for you without having to touch a single line of code. The Styler will definitely impress your potential clients. There is even a call to action button at the top to setup an appointment, social media integrated, display your company information. Easily customize the header, footer information, colors, fonts, layouts and content with the powerful backend admin console. The Styler is a great choice to create your wedding services / wedding hair and makeup website. Click here to see more features of The Styler.

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2. Makeup Artist

Wedding Hair and makeup WordPress Theme - Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist landing is a great way to create and customize your own bridal beauty service website. Gone are the days where you have to code your own website or hire a developer to create and maintain one for you. Save money by creating your own site and maintain it on your own by using WordPress and WordPress Themes. Makeup Artist is a totally flexible and powerful theme where you can customize everything and anything. You can even make changes to your site live on the homepage without even going into the backend of the site. See your changes in real time! This Makeup artist landing has 8 essential pages that you can customize and add content to, of course you can add as many pages as you want but these pages are templates for you to easily just change the content to your own. This includes about me, blog, contact me, landing page, previous bridal photo portfolio, beauty services, beauty services pricing, testimonials, subscribe to your newsletter and more. There are tons of functionality in this theme. Click here to see more features of the Makeup Artist wedding beauty services WordPress theme.

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