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Cost to Create a Wedding Directory Website with Vantage

There are many wedding vendors and who can keep track of them all. If you want to search for a wedding photographer, you would just google for that one term, or if you search for wedding dress shops, you would also just search for that one thing. But what if you could create a wedding directory that would easily list of all the wedding shops, services and salons in your area. That would be amazing. All the wedding tools available at a brides fingertips. Brides would love you for it because now they can see all the wedding services, photographers in their immediate geographic location. That’s why you need to create a wedding directory website. Below I will breakdown everything you need and all the costs related to creating your own wedding directory website with Vantage WordPress Theme. Your directory site will look like the screenshot below. Click here to demo Vantage.

Top Wedding WordPress Themes to create Wedding Directory 2020 - Vantage

You don’t need to hire a developer or be any crazy programmer. All the programming is done already, all you have to do is install. It’s like plug and play! You will have your wedding directory up and running in minutes. Basically you will need 4 things:

  1. Webhosting
  2. Domain Name
  3. WordPress
  4. Vantage WordPress Theme


I recommend using Blue Host webhosting as your webhosting provider. This is because of many reasons that I’ve listed in another post (here), but basically if you purchase Bluehost, you’re 1,2,3 things you need to start your directory site is already done. Blue host offers one year free domain name, one click installs of WordPress, amazing support, and updates of WordPress.

2. Domain Name

If you want one year free domain name, that’s already included in the step above when your purchase webhosting from Blue Host. If you want to keep your domain name for a long time and plan to grow your business longer than a year, I would recommend Godaddy as your domain name registrar. I’ve been using them for a very long time and it’s great that I can manage all my domain names in one spot. If I purchase a domain name, I usually purchase for 10 years because domain name renewal rates always go up. Purchasing my domain name for 10 years guarantees that it’s mine for 10 years (In case I forget to renew it) and locks it in at that price. I really recommend Godaddy. Click here to see Godaddy discounts.

3. WordPress

WordPress installation is included in step 1 if you purchase from Blue Host they have one click installs of WordPress. You no longer have to download the install files yourself and setup and configure your database yourself. It’s all done for you with one click. The best part is that Blue Host will help you if you have any issues. Click here to see more features of Blue Host webhosting.

4. Vantage WordPress Theme

Vantage WordPress Theme is a #1 directory theme designed to help you create an amazing wedding directory website. This is a great choice to create your site because it is packed full of features including geo location, responsive, monetizing abilities, claim business feature, advanced search, SEO optimized, backend admin console, business dashboard to manage own listing, and tons more. Once you purchase the Vantage theme it belongs to you and there are no subscription or annual fees to pay. Click here to see more features of Vantage Wedding Directory WordPress Theme.

Cost Breakdown to Create your Wedding Directory with Vantage

Above are all the things you need to create a wedding directory website, so what’s the cost? The real cost to create your site Costs are subject to change by the respective vendors and all are estimations. All costs are in USD.

Webhosting – Bluehost = $3/month = ~$36/year

Domain Name – Bluehost = $0 for first year

WordPress – Bluehost = FREE

WordPress Theme ‘Vantage’ = $69

So total cost to create your wedding directory website will be $105.

If you plan to go past a year, your annual fee will be approximately $50/year. That’s if you continue with BlueHost webhosting and domain name renewal is about $16/year. This cost is significantly lower than if you hire a developer to create the same site for you and saves you so much more time. They will probably create the same site for you and with probably less functionality. Create your own site now. Invest the money now and see where you business will take you. If you don’t start now how will you know if you will succeed.

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