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Top Wedding WordPress Themes to create Wedding Directory 2020

When I planned my wedding I wished there was a wedding directory of wedding vendors and ratings. It would have made my life so much easier to see all my options in one spot. As a bride I would have been able to find wedding photographers, cakes, wedding dress, favours, bridesmaids dresses, possible wedding venues, places to get wedding hair/makeup done, wedding planners, tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen, possible places to take the best wedding photos and more. Easily create your own wedding directory for your location and you will be a lifesaver for brides scrambling to find wedding vendors! You can now create a wedding directory without any programming knowledge with WordPress and WordPress Themes. With it’s powerful backend admin panel, everything is in plain English and very easy to customize. You will first need a Webhosting provider and I recommend Blue Host because there is full support and no knowledge is required to install WordPress, click here for more details. It will install with one click. Then you will need a WordPress Theme, see below options to use to create your elegant and professional Wedding Directory.


Top Wedding WordPress Themes to create Wedding Directory 2020 - Geoplaces5

Geoplaces5 is a premium WordPress theme perfect to create your own Wedding Directory website.  This theme is ideal for creating a feature-packed city directory, with listings based in a single or even multiple cities. The best part of creating a website with this theme is that you require no programming knowledge, if you like what you see in the demo, there is a one click install of the demo content so you can get started on your listings right away. No need to hire a developer to help you create or manage your site. Everything is in plain English and easy to understand and the admin panel is very organized so you won’t be scrambling around looking for where or how to customize your site. You will be able to customize your wedding directory header, footers, unlimited color options, fonts, and categories. The second best thing about this theme is that it can be monetized. You can create pricing packages  You can specify a name for the package, the price of the package, it’s validity in days, the number of listings allowed under the package and few other interesting details to customize your pricing package. Creating a pricing package is easy, you can also allow adding listings to be free, which is probably what you need to do for the first few month’s/years as your company gets more well known and more used. You can also allow for paid featured listings on at the top of your site so wedding businesses can get more visibility. This is also built in functionality with the theme. All this and no coding is required. Click here to see more features of Geoplaces5 and how it can help you create your professional wedding directory.

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2. ListingPro

Top Wedding WordPress Themes to create Wedding Directory 2020 - ListingPro

ListingPro is a powerful and extremely versatile WordPress Theme perfect to create your wedding directory website. It has a built-in Appointment Booking, Events Calendar, Directory Admin Dashboard, smart search, advanced filter, pricing plans and more. You can easily setup your own wedding directory with it’s one click installation. The directory will look like the Yellowpages, or even Yelp. All this with no programming knowledge or coding experience. There is front end submission where you can enter in wedding vendor’s business information directly on the front end without constantly going into the backend of the site. Easily monetize your site by introducing paid listings, and featured ad spots with pay per clicks or by views. Your site will also have ratings and reviews, verify and claim your business, event management, business owners can offer coupons or deals, internal messaging. The theme is so powerful it also has filters to auto-locate, location identifier, near me, nearby, and so much more. There are no additional plugins to purchase. Click here to see more features of ListingPro Wedding Directory WordPress theme.

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3. Listify

Top Wedding WordPress Themes to create Wedding Directory 2020 - Listify

Listify is a premium wedding directory WordPress Theme designed to get your site up and running in 5 minutes. This theme is packed full of features including everything you need to start generating revenue. All plugins with the theme are free. These will help enhance the functionality of your site such as reviews, regions, favourites, labels, contact listing, and statistics by Astoundify. To create your Wedding Directory you need no coding skills, you only need to know how to drag and drop. Design, configure and personalize your site easily with WordPress live editor, you can see your changes in real time. Also select from one of their demo’s you can use the demo import tool and voila the demo site will be on yours. Listify also works with geolocation technology so brides or grooms will only see wedding vendor listings close to their location. There are many ways to earn money by using Listify including – charge wedding vendors to claim a business, submit a listing, advertisement spots, make reservations, appointment booking, and paid site access. Listify is a great WordPress Theme to create your wedding directory. Click here for more details about Listify.

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4. Javo

Top Wedding WordPress Themes to create Wedding Directory 2020 - Javo

Javo is the easiest and fastest way to create your wedding directory. It comes complete with listing detail page, map and list styles, post details, customizable header and footer, block card modules, advance filters, WooCommerce supported, easily add a community feature so other brides/grooms can comment and talk with each other on your platform. Javo has over 100+ different demos to help you create your wedding directory look and feel. If you like any of them you can just use their one click demo importer. Your wedding directory site will look exactly like the demo you selected. This will greatly increase the speed in which your site will be live. All this and no programming or coding knowledge is required. Javo is fully responsive, SEO optimized, mega menu, installation wizard, and so much more. Click here to see more features of Javo Wedding Directory WordPress Theme.

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5. Vantage

Top Wedding WordPress Themes to create Wedding Directory 2020 - Vantage

Vantage is a premium wedding directory WordPress Theme. It features all the tools you need to create a professional and money making wedding directory website. Using WordPress and WordPress Themes is the fastest and easiest way to create your website and on top of that, you require no programming or coding knowledge because there is a powerful backend Admin panel. The Admin panel allows you to customize, manage and monetize your site. Vantage features pinpoint accuracy. Location and keyword based search is accurate to the exact latitude and longitude. Listings are geo-coded so address and proximity queries bring back the closest radius results. Vantage pricing plans give you plenty of ways to generate income. Create multiple pricing plans and even assign plans to categories. You can easily start adding listings to your site so you don’t have to wait for business owners to create their business listing. After they find you, you have a functionality to allow them to claim their listing. You can also monetize this and charge for business owners to claim their listing. Afterwards, business owners can use the dashboard to manage their listings, edit their profile, manage their favorites, and view reviews. This theme is fully responsive, SEO optimized, reoccuring payments, advanced search, blog, social media integrated and so much more. Create your wedding directory website with Vantage. Click here to see more features of Vantage wedding directory WordPress Theme.

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